Day 143: Airshow

Gah. Complete parenting fail today. We took Kens out to an airshow with Chris’ company to see the Thunderbirds. It didn’t cross either of our minds to bring her noise cancelling ear muffs. (Stupid, I know. Shut up.) 

We were standing there chatting and out of know where, a huge truck came BOOMING down the runway in front of us shooting fire out the back that sounded like a bomb went off. Poor K lost. her. ish. 

Note the red above her eyebrows from screaming…

The above photo was after about 5 different jets came by and I was racing back to the car with her since covering her ears with my hands was an epic fail. 

Nothing will pull at your heart strings like that little body freezing, her eyes getting huge and a look of terror followed by real tears and sad screams. πŸ˜” I felt like the worst parent ever and was about to cry right along with her. 

It was the longest 3-wheeling, stroller pushing through dirt on uneven ground, trip of my life to get back to the car. 

Don’t worry guys, this story has a happy ending. 

Thanks Dad, I love accessories!

I got back to the truck and fed Kensie and Chris showed up with ear muffs he bought. I was planning to just watch from the truck, but she was happy as could be like nothing ever happened so we decided to give it a shot. 

I strapped her on and this girl napped the rest of the day away. (While momma drank a beer because I might have been more traumatized than her…)

That’s my girl. Not even phased. #naplife

As a mom I’m quickly learning the answer is always yes. “Yes” – we need everything. I hate clutter and bringing extra things we might not need anywhere. If there’s a chance I can get by without it, it’s not coming. (This doesn’t apply to vacations, where 7 outfits are completely necessary for a 3 day trip.) But having a baby; “BRING IT ALL” is the new rule. 

Not sure if we need it? Yep, bring it. “Well I timed it out and logically we won’t need extra milk”…yep bring it. “Oh we DEFINITELY don’t need that!” Yes, yes you do. 

We decided to pack Chris’ backpack/diaper bag with all of K’s random things (sunglasses, sunscreen, earmuffs πŸ™„…) and keep it in the car from now on. Ya live and ya learn, right? 

Sorry Kens…I’ll make sure your younger sibling thanks you one day for being our test run. 😜

Mama’s girl all the way! (Soaking it in before she turns into a Daddy’s girl)


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