Day 142

This is what Kensie thought about naptime today…

No blankets momma, let’s play!!

That whole “maybe she’ll sleep until 8a tomorrow” I posted yesterday…Bahahaha. Jokes on me. Homegirl was up at 6:30 ready to party and took 2 maybe 20 minute naps today. Thanks for that KB. 

Luckily, she was pretty happy and relaxed all day but of course that magical hour of 5pm hit…the time I workout and conveniently the one time of the day kens is overtired and only wants her momma this past week. 

Soaking in these sweet moments of feeling like I have the power!

I got her to sleep and tried to pass her off but it was a huge fail. She woke up and let those vocal chords get some air time. Luckily, we have the BEST friends in the world and Emily, Ashley and Will took Kens for a walk and got her to relax while I did 17.3 (a CrossFit workout). 

With her 5p clinginess/fussiness lately it’s been really hard to focus on a workout without anxiety or feeling really distracted. I know there’s a ton of people there that love her and will hold her but when I know she just wants momma it’s hard to ignore! 

When they disappeared I assumed she was crying. I started to walk over and Em told me they’d handle it and go workout. So, I did. Tonight they took the reigns and I was able to get my head in the game and hit a lift at my pre-baby PR (personal record – for my non-CF peeps)!! 

When I finished, I walked outside to this:

They were seriously walking her inside like this.

Ah, finally. I was really impressed, but they gave Will the credit.

They say it takes a village…and I’m pretty sure if I could handpick my village I wouldn’t change a thing! 

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