Day 140&141

Kensie has had a busy couple of days! She made me mom real hard. 

Life with Kensington: Behind the scenes

Everytime I pick her up out of her jumper there’s a lovely surprise up her back. 

Oye vey. I think she just enjoys wearing 3 outfits a day.

This morning she had her first “sick visit” to the doctor. Yesterday her eyes were really goopy and it was yellowish-green so I wanted to make sure there was no infection. She is a-ok! Just mucus back up from the cold we both just had. Nothing a little snot sucking can’t fix…or so they say. This was yesterday and I didn’t take a photo tonight but it was way worse. Kensie doesn’t seem phased by it but momma isn’t a fan! πŸ˜”

Poor baby

Yesterday K got to hang out with her bestie, Harper! We missed the photo op, but it was the first time they actually interacted with each other and it was adorable. 

Playtime with Harper and Riley!
And some snuggles for Aunt Casey!
Last night we had round 2 of attempting her rice cereal off a spoon! It ended up all over her, but no tears this time. Progress. 

That. Face. πŸ˜‚
Eating through Osmosis.
This next picture had me DYING! I put the rest of the cereal into a bottle with more milk to give her before bed and she held it on her own…so of course I needed a photo. πŸ˜‚

“Lay off the flash, woman!”
We had a late night at the gym tonight and Kens was an angel baby as usual! She napped in her ergo baby for about 90 minutes then was bright eyed and ready to party…
Thanks for my adorable outfit, Emily!
She went to bed immediately when I laid her in her crib so I’m hoping all the late night entertainment means she’s gonna let momma sleep straight through until 8am! (Dream big.)

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