Day 471-476

I guess it is about that time for what has become my weekly KB post! 🙈 Finally – K had a great day, followed by many better days ahead! I hope we are back on the upswing as far as attitude goes. Toddlerhood is no joke.

All the drama
Selfie skills

Life did throw this poor thing a curve ball and decide it was time to break the rest of ALL 4 MOLARS through at once. Other than trying to chew her own hand, being extra tired and a low grade fever, she’s pushing through alright!

Birthday parties are exhausting…apparently  

Kensie has had quite the eventful week/weekend! We went to a friends 1st birthday, spent some time at the park, visited a DAY CARE 😳, she’s learned to open pens/markers and color, she’s introduced many new “words” (aka sounds) that she babbles nonstop, her hair has grown another inch (yasss!!!) – and I’m basically in 6 short days she’s grown up even more right before my eyes. 😔

Coach KB making WOD edits  😂

To all my friends with babes younger than KB, or hell, older too if the situation fits. We’re tired. There’s days they drive us crazy. (See my last post for reference 😝). Sometimes we cry because it gets so overwhelming. But, cherish those moments your babe wants to be held instead of laid down. Over the last week, consistently, K just reaches straight for her crib when we go in her room for bedtime. She used to let me hold her while we sang a song and said prayers. Now, I have to do it over her crib while she’s lying there. 😭

Look ma! No hands!

OH! And food. All the food. Kens is a BOSS at eating with a fork and has started (finally) eating like a normal person instead of trying to live off milk like a baby cow. She’s even been crushing vegetables and loving them!!! KB eats her green beans before her Mac & Cheese!

Breakfast Thief

While I am so excited that my non-eating child has finally started eating on a regular basis, she goes through the weirdest food phases. For example: I got her these “Mighty Dino crackers” (they’re goldfish…) and she never liked them. I’ve tried giving them to her for 2 weeks now. She puts one in her mouth, takes it out, throws it on the floor and says “all done”. Today it was all she wanted. “more, more, more”, and shoveling them in. Umm, what?! Basically, finding out what she “likes” is a new adventure every day.

So, there’s the KB update in a nutshell! And I will leave you with the best video to date: her cheeks jiggling. 😂

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