KB is 16 months old!

Such a big day in KB’s life! She’s 16 months old and it’s her last day staying home full time with mama!!! 😯

She’s definitely more excited than I am!

I’ve honestly gone back and forth between excitement and guilt but I know she’s going to have a BLAST spending part of her days playing with other kiddos instead of just me! I’m also pretty sure I’m going to miss my little sidekick way more than I imagined I would; but, we’re easing into it with part time. I’ll let you guys know if I have the balls to actually drop her off tomorrow or if I end up putting it off again. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Snugg life 😍

And now, on to being a big 16 month old! According to Baby Center – they like to send me emails every week of KB’s life (for some reason I actually read it today), 16 months is the “looking for reaction” and “imitation” stage. I feel like she started those things a while ago…the imitation is REAL strong with this one; see video…

My one year old cleans up better than some of our 30 year old children at the gym. 😂

The email also suggested we are careful with our words and actions because of the imitation. That’s the real reason she’s starting daycare tomorrow. (I’m kidding).

While I’m sharing videos – here’s Day 1 of SWIM LESSONS! This time she’s actually learning to swim, not just survival! 🤗

Deciding if she should start crying yet…
Burrito Life!

Anyway, the life of KB nowadays:

Her favorite song is the Alphabet Song. This girl straight jams to it every time. Body bounce, head bob, the whole nine yards.  She can squeeze the rest of the food out of her pouches on her own (hence imitation…), dance, run and touch her nose on demand (when she feels like listening).

K is still obsessed with baby Einstein. It is all she will watch –  she hates movies and other shows and fusses if I try to change it up.

I was trying to get her to pose but she told me candid is the new “thing”

Her newest LEAST favorite skill is that she now shoves me until I face her and asks for “up”.  Like full body weight, sled push style, walks into me until my legs are forced to move and I look down  🙄😂

My favorite is the running catapult to hug my legs randomly, or if she’s being shy, and the sweet unprompted kisses she’ll give me when I get her out of bed in the morning and let her come lay with me!

She says “dog”, “ack (jack)” and “cap (clap)” and “baby”. Kens is still obsessed with sign language and signs “more” and “all done” about 80 times an hour. If you ignore “more” she smacks her hands together really hard to make it LOUD sign language. 😂 If she’s eating she’ll also say “ah done!” Depending on her mood, she will say “ayter” if you tell her see ya later! K has a little Spanish flair for water and says “agua”. She recently started signing bird and dinosaur….because that’s useful. (Thanks Baby Einstein). Kens is FINALLY saying mama and starting to use it purposefully!

She’s still a tiny little nugget but her smarts and mad color, stacking and problem solving skills remind me that she’s growing way too quickly even if it’s not out of her clothes!

This was the hamming it up I got in response to “say cheese”!

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