Day 498

I felt the need to update KBs blog today because 1) I started a post 3x this week and never finished them 😴 and 2) this is the longest I’ve gone without posting and 3) I am so proud of this little fishy’s swimming progress this week!!

She usually cries during lessons (they all do) but this week she’s slowly gotten happier and happier and the last 2 days, she kept dunking her own head and cracking up in between swims!

Pretty sure my 16 month old swims better than I do!!!

And she has a crush on this little dude because he always plays with her; including throwing toys to (at) her mid-lesson.

Kensie has gone to day 2…and 3 and 4 and 5 of daycare and guess what? I didn’t cry. I’m so proud of me. 😜 I actually only took her today because she was being a cranky butt this morning. That probably makes me sound like a really bad mom…but honesty is the best policy right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

The deceiving look of innocence.

When I picked her up today, K was in more random clothes that I have never seen and rocking a Spanish ponytail again. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Hey, she’s happy, I’m happy!

How she leaves for daycare…

How I pick her up from daycare:

The crying is because I wouldn’t give her my keys to throw in the pool 🙄

She does still cry every time I drop her off but the second she can’t see me, she stops. It’s all for show.

This was less than 5 minutes after I left. Weird, where’d the tears go, Kens?

K has been chatting up a storm lately!!! We’ve got LOTS of “mama” (which basically gets her anything she wants since I waited so long for her to say it), eat eat eat”, “love you” (Chris even got a love you dada on FT 🙄), “more” aka moe and plenty of words in a language I have yet to learn.

Speaking of eat eat eat…and daycare…I think the Spanish food has helped her appetite. 😆 I’ve posted before about how hard it is to get this kid to sit still and eat and the last week she’s been all about some food! Except dinner after daycare days, since too tired to eat. Ha!

Give me ALL the snacks!

KB’s imitations get better and better every day. The gym might be my favorite place for them. She spends the whole time putting clips on the bars, attempting to lift them, squatting, “cleaning” every thing and today she did some deadlifts with a mobility roller and worked on her pull ups. She sees it? She does it!

“Brushing” her teeth is also something Miss Independent learned to do after the very first time I showed her! 

Kensie is still a lover and LOVES her some babies!! Tonight she did her very best to soothe sweet Charlie girl and it was the sweetest scene!

Last but not least, kid has perfected her “cheese” and it’s game ON when she sees a camera. 🤣 Whether it’s sweetness or drama, KB never fails to entertain!!!


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