Day 253

Today, Kensie confirmed 2 things:1. The necklace is working

2. No afternoon coffee was also working 

I got brave yesterday and figured it would be fine to have a coffee while I coached the 4pm class. How wrong I was!!! This nugget woke up FIVE freaking times last night. 

Who, me?

It also kept me up until 1:30am. I had a ton of things to get done before this weekend so that was sort of a good thing – but now I’m running on fumes. 

KB was down at 7:30. Up at 10:30, 12:30, 2, 3, 5 something, and ready to start her day just before 7am. No. Just noooo. Lesson learned!!!

As for the necklace? I had to coach this morning so it threw off our normal routine and I forgot to put her Teething necklace on. I didn’t notice until we got to the gym. 

Kensie started the day out great and playing in her baby jail longer than she ever has all alone and with no fussing! 

Supervising while I clean the floors.

She’s getting so good at actually drinking the water from her sippy cups!

While I was coaching she was ready for her nap so I picked her up and had a sweet (heavy) cuddle bug. 

We had some errands to run before going home and that’s where the happy streak ended. As I was finishing up, K was tired and starting to get hungry and she lost it. Real tears and all. Kens always relaxes on a car ride but the whole way home she was screaming (same as Sunday). Better believe I put that sucker back on the second we got in the door! 

Kensie got in a long afternoon nap and all was right with the world again. 

And this afternoon Kensie poured that water bottle all over herself. πŸ™„

Tonight I let her (sort of) cry it out for the first time. πŸ˜” She’s definitely at an age where I can tell she’s crying for attention and she knows I will come get her. While I don’t mind that she just wants mama, it makes it a lot harder for Chris to get her down when I’m not home and she’s starting to do it more and more and it just enables her to keep fighting sleep (as she rubs her eyes). 

Luckily, it didn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would! She did her “give me attention” fussing for a while then it turned to real tears. At first I picked her up and laid with her. She kept going back and forth from being ALMOST asleep to wide awake playing. After 15 minutes of that I put her back in her crib and decided she needed to put herself to sleep. She played for a bit then the fussing started again, followed by crying. 

We held strong and waited it out a little bit. I gave myself tasks to do and decided I wouldn’t go in until I was done, if she was still crying. I mainly needed the tasks for distraction or I would have just given up and walked in. About 30 minutes later, I realized it was quiet. I went in to check and sure enough she gave it up and went to sleep. I feel slightly guilty about it and do love snuggling with her…but it’s nice to know she’ll give it up before too long! I was pretty certain that she would stay up all night and scream so I fully intended on giving up before she did. Haha!

Here’s to what’s hopefully a better (and much longer) night of sleep for us both!!

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