Day 246

Pregnancy brain wasn’t a thing for me; however, mom brain is. It’s a real, REAL thing and I have a severe case of it. Pretty sure there are days I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached. I used to be one of those super organized people that never forgot anything and really had my shit together. Kensie, I hope the brain cells I seem to have lost at least found their way to you. 

K has woken up at 6am the last 2 days (yeah, NOT a fan) and this morning I had to coach. Kensie was exhausted so she turned into a stage 5 clinger. This was the way I coached both my morning and afternoon classes since those were the ONLY times K baby napped today. 

This is starting to become quite the workout.

In between classes Kens got to play some while I worked and then we ran a few errands. She had some eye rubs but was happy as could be and had no interest in sleep. 

Every time I walk in on her she is under something.

Loves riding in her “big girl” seat!

When we got back to the gym, Kens went from a stage 5 clinger to stage 25. 

“Mom why are you so far away!?”

Comin in hot!

Oh thank goodness. I found you.

Safe to say I got absolutely zero work done. 

Someone came up to talk to me and when they looked at Kensie and said hi, she broke down. She got the big bottom lip and everything. πŸ˜‚ I guess she wasn’t a fan. 

Real tears.

Kensie in all her overtiredness (I know that isn’t a word. Just go with it) wanted to be held again while I coached this afternoon. My back was over it so luckily daddy came to the rescue!

She’s got a real rough life

I just realized on days she doesn’t really sleep I have photos of the few times she does and vice versa. I guess I just get really excited for those “rare” moments and I probably need the photos to prove to my mom-brain that that is indeed what happened…

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