Day 245

Today is more of a 2 day recap since yesterday was all about K being 8 months old! 

We got to visit a special little dude on Tuesday and Kensie wanted to grab him so badly. She hasn’t quite learned what “gentle” means yet. 

Hanging out with little Levi!

Today, this child somehow stayed up until 7pm on nothing other than a 20 minute power nap just before lunch. 
Let me out mom. I’m trying to party!

We had lunch with daddy and I learned my lesson about putting Kensie’s water cup with her in her car seat. Big fat nope. She drinks it and spits it all over the place. Kensie, her onsie, her bow and carseat were all soaked. K didn’t seem too bothered by it…

This is so fun, mama. Best car seat toy ever!

We made a quick outfit change to dry off and of course we had to make sure Kensie had her orange on at CFEO! 

K was clapping for orange Wednesdays!

Of all the places in the gym, the only place she didn’t want to be was in baby jail with all her toys. Kens loves to just be put down and explore. 

Is it possible to run while crawling? Because that’s what she does.

Kensie was OUT the second I put her in the car seat to head home and had no interest in waking back up. She’s was a sweaty butt so she took her bath half awake and went right to sleep once she ate before we even made it to the crib. 

I know most people think staying up all day would cause her to sleep through the night.  Nope. Sleep or no sleep, my little chunk will most DEFINITELY wake up to chug some milk at least twice tonight. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Those thighs don’t make themselves!

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