Day 244: K is 8 months old! 

I cannot believe my little Kensie Brooke is 8 months old today! This past month there have been so many changes and she’s been so much fun!!

Her bow and monogrammed romper are both from her Etsy Shop! 💁🏼

As you all already know, she spent the beginning of the month crawling backwards and she just started crawling forward last week! Since then, Baby K is on the go. She likes to get into anything that isn’t hers. 

What our photo shoot really looked like.

Her favorite thing to do is clap. She sort of waves (it’s a very forceful arm slam, haha!), and loves to get in grunting wars. 

Kensie has gotten better at eating puréed foods but isn’t too interested in them. She only REALLY likes zuchinni. The rest she could care less about and after about 1oz of food she’s over it. She loves anything mommy has and sucking on bread or apple slices. K loves watching me sign “eat” and “more” but hasn’t copied me yet! 

Anything that isn’t food automatically goes in her mouth, though.

K finally got the hang of her sippy cup and picks it up and drinks her water all on her own! 

Kensie’s said things that sound like “Hey” and “mamamamma” but I don’t think they’re intentional yet. She loves to say “Ba ba” and “Oooooooooh!” When she wakes up in the mornings she’s a nonstop chatter box. No matter what she’s saying or doing, she keeps us laughing!

FYI I did take the bag away from her. 

One of her favorite things is paper (to tear it and eat…) and the other is water. She loves to splash and bath time is her favorite part of the day! 

Kens loves to throw things, especially her pacifier when she’s mad. She also likes the gym and all the attention she gets as long as you don’t leave her alone in baby jail too long. 

Kensie hates when you try to hold her still to do pointless things like idk, change her diaper, hold her laying down rock-a-baby style, or take away whatever she used her energy to crawl for- like a dog bone, tv remote or cellphone. 

She can spot her momma in a crowd and reaches for me anytime we make eye contact. 

Kensie has turned into a belly sleeper and finally likes to be held upright. She’s caught on to her bedtime routine and gives me the sweetest kisses; she’s even learned to close her mouth to an extent. Once she’s had her bath and eaten dinner, K lays her head on my shoulder and puts her pacifier in. We say our prayers, sing our bedtime song (God, Your Mama and Me by Florida Georgia Line; she prefers that over nursery rhymes) and then she puts herself to sleep in her crib! 

Our long legged girl is still in 6 month clothes but 9 month PJs and has no teeth, which I’m a fan of considering we’re still breastfeeding. 

She’s growing SO quickly and we couldn’t love this little girl anymore!!! Happy 8 months KB. 

She posed herself for this

And now…time to plan her 1 year party!!! Chris thinks I’m crazy, but judging by how quickly time has already gone by, it’s basically going to be here tomorrow. 

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