Day 247-253: Elle started swim lessons!

FIRST OF ALL, I AM SO PISSED AT WORDPRESS. I finished today’s entire post and the app deleted the WHOLE thing. 😩😭

I usually steer clear of discussing touchy subjects or politics or offending people…and I made some pretty strong statements on why parents need to enroll their children in swim lessons on the post that got deleted so maybe it was a sign I shouldn’t post it. 🤪

Leighton started swim lessons last week and she did so great! In typical Elle fashion I think she cried all of 20 seconds over 3 lessons. 


She’s not actually learning to swim at this age, she’s just learning the survival lesson of rolling to her back and breathing if her face touches water. 

I get asked (or told) “isn’t that so hard to watch?!” – usually the question is pure curiosity and not judgement – but regardless, my answer is always the same: I’d imagine seeing the alternative would be MUCH harder. And no, honestly it’s not hard to watch someone who has been doing this for 20 years teach my babies how to survive in water! The whole process actually fascinates me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Working on those float skills!

I won’t rewrite my whole rant but for the love of God, please give your children the tools to survive. I’ve watched Heidi teach babies, toddlers, elementary aged kids even children with physical and mental disabilities. There are way too many stories, many of them LOCAL of kids drowning. It is PREVENTABLE!! And I don’t mean “I’ll watch my kid. They won’t ever have the chance to fall in water” preventable. Yo, I’m sure parents that have lost a child to drowning didn’t start that day off saying “I’m going to put my child near water alone today and see what happens”. 🧐 I’ve seen way too many loving, attentive and amazing parents lose their babies this way and it is always from the most heartbreaking accidents.


Okay. I’ll stop now. But damn. Let me just put this info here for y’all:
(704) 777-7688
(This is not a paid ad, lol! I just love this organization and her instructors…if you’re not in Orlando you can google ISR instructors in your area!) 

The cutest little Swimsprouts!

On to the rest of our week…

K has been crushing potty training…but not so much the whole sleep thing. She’s going to bed just fine now, but she wakes up SCREAMING for me to come in her room. One night I went in, she hugged me, laid down and said “chicken noodle!” I was like “wait, what?” and she said “poopy butt!” and started cracking up. All with her eyes closed…that ham.


I will say her threenager tantrums have calmed a LOT over the last few weeks (knock on wood). She’s still got her emotional/over tired moments but the psycho toddler tantrums have taken at least a temporary back seat. 

Since I am already all over the place with topics on this post…may as well throw in a product review! I was discussing diapers with a friend of mine and mentioned that I am glad Elle isn’t sensitive like K and can wear something other than the Honest brand…BUT I still put her in their overnight ones because Pampers leak and she wakes up with wet PJs. 

She swears by Huggies Overnights the same way I swear by Honest so I gave them a shot. SOLD!! I highly recommend either brand, but the Huggies are .10 cheaper per diaper. WHOOP! 


WELL. I originally had more photos to end this post with but WordPress is telling me my storage is full and they want $200 for me to post more soooo I guess this is our last post! Sorry we didn’t make it to a year for ya, Elle. GoFundMe for blogs? That a thing? LOL

Anyway, I’ll figure that part out (um, hopefully) so I can continuing spamming you all with some K and L goodness!! xo

This is the last one it loaded to the library, so, here you go! LOL





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