Day 336

Of course as soon as I post that Kensie is sleeping (almost) through the night, she has a TERRIBLE night of sleep…which means I also had a terrible night of sleep. 😣 The main difference is that K seems to function better than I do the next day. 

Spent the morning working on her gains.

I also meant to weigh Kensie today but I’ll blame my sleep deprivation for my crappy memory. 

KB was the best little sidekick today as usual and we knocked out tons of errands! One of them was depressing. We went “big girl” car seat shopping. πŸ™ (Mamas – if you need a car seat anytime soon, they’re 25% off at Babies R Us until October 1st!) She’s not big enough for one just yet – but I’m trying to buy it while they have the sale because that means more money for clothes, duh. 😝

Oh and we had to return this because we never used it. So of course she had to climb it.

Kensie was loving being out of her car seat while we shopped. I ran into BJs just to grab a few things and the buckle was broken so I held her instead. (I’m not actually concerned about a broken buckle but if there’s nothing holding her down she tries to stand while I push the cart…) This is how she positions herself if you walk around a store holding her. 

Has to maximize her view.
And she climbs me on the regular. All about the angle.

This afternoon we went back up to the gym and got the sweetest surprise! Aunt Ashley and Baby Henley came and brought Starbucks!! 

Typical K. “GIMMIE DAT BABY!!!”
Getting my Henley snuggles in while I can! #BabyWhisperer

Kensie had a blast since I let her roam free for most of the class. I caught her across the gym playing all by herself (she usually positions herself in the middle of everyone) and it made my heart melt. 

Stop growing up! 😭

I was looking forward to going to sleep early tonight but our AC decided to break. I’m still going to bed early, but now I’m not as hopeful that it’ll be as good of a night as I was imagining. I’m hoping Kensie doesn’t wake up looking like Sweaty Betty. 😰 

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