Day 337

Kensington took her first 4 steps today!!! So I take it she’ll be straight running by next weekend. Of course I missed the video ☹️, but I’m sure we will get a good one soon! This is all I’ve got for now….

Robin and Jenna were playing with K while I coached and they got her to walk by reaching for car keys! She was holding one finger, then when they let go she’d take a half a step or so. Eventually, she let her go and Kens waltzed 4 solid, normal steps to grab the keys!!! She didn’t even lose her balance; she just grabbed them and then sat down like it was nothing! 

The rest of K’s day was spent in her diaper since our AC is still not working properly. Luckily, Chris fixed it last night so we didn’t have to sweat in our sleep. This morning it stopped working again so we didn’t take a chance on any extra layers. 

We only got clothed to leave the house.

Kensie roamed the house while I got some laundry and reorganizing done. By roam I mean she harassed the dogs until they got up and played with her. And when they did that, she fussed and wanted to be picked up. Figures. 

Walking is great and all, but the real notable moment of the day was Kensie’s nap.  She got up from her morning nap after her usual 45 minutes. I laid down with her for a second and she was back out for another hour and a half! I was in heaven. Must have been saving up all that energy for walking. 😉

And she was so sweet and cuddly when she got up.

Guess I’m going to spend the weekend finding shoes that fit this kiddo, that also  aren’t impossible to put on. (I know she has chubby feet but I swear the people that make baby shoes have never actually tried to put a shoe on a baby. )

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