Day 338 & 339

So what’s the “latest and greatest” on baby shoes? Do? Don’t? I was chatting with my mom this weekend and when we were little they recommended not putting shoes on babies. Is that still a thing?

Kensie is taking a few steps here and there but still results to crawling so I don’t need to put any on her yet – but I’m interested to know the “recommendation”. I figured barefoot at home and shoes in public (once she starts wanting to walk around). πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Is that not normal? 

She may not be waking on her feet yet, but Kens is a pro at walking on her hands. 

Sunday Funday?

We took a quick trip up to Jacksonville this weekend to celebrate one of my oldest and best friends engagement! K got to spend some time with Gramma and Grandpa and her Uncles while Chris and I were out. All the playing and excitement (and her doc-a-tot) led to a great nights sleep! 

Congratulations, Aunt Awesome!!!
Partied too hard

Today we all went to breakfast before heading home and Kensie ate so much food that she skipped 2 breast feedings! She devoured most of her pouch, some toast and scrambled eggs. 

Will only eat unassisted πŸ™„
Brunching like a big girl!

Tonight we went to the food trucks in our neighborhood for dinner and fun fact: K LOVES Mac & Cheese. 

Saved some noodles in her cheek and cheese on her face.

I saw an article this weekend titled “Tonight, I nursed you for the last time” and the title almost made me cry. I haven’t actually read it yet – just saved it – but just seeing it made me realize how quickly this phase has gone by. I posted more detail months ago on how I thought breastfeeding would go and the fact that my original goal of 6 months has so quickly turned into almost a year, it’s just the new “normal” now. In some weird way, something I thought I’d never enjoy I think I’m actually going to really miss! 

Anyways, I’ll save this snappiness for another day…this party animal isn’t done just yet! 

Must climb all the things!

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