Day 340

Normally I’m not one of those “Monday’s are the worst” kind of people. I’ve actually always liked them in a way because I like schedule, routines and order. Don’t get me wrong I love weekends as well – I just don’t dread Mondays. That being said – today was the worst kind of Monday. For me, anyway. Kensie was unbelievably happy today so apparently she wasn’t phased. 

Best shopping buddy

Now that we have power back, the AC decided to break. I’ll spare you the details but it’s been out since Thursday and once again, we are thankful for Uncle Rob and Titi Char for taking us all in. (And Carolyn and Em for taking care of Lucy!) 

Kens spent the morning partying in her diaper while the tech was “troubleshooting” the unit. We made many laps around the house, emptied at least 3 cabinets, did a little walking and played in her swing for a solid 30 minutes. You know it’s bad when the outside breeze is cooler than inside the house. 😰😭

Ah, the life. So young to know nothing but happiness! 

We met my friend Becki for lunch and then did a little shopping for some final One Year Photoshoot items. When we scheduled these it felt so far away, now I can’t believe they’re almost here! 

Becki is creating a “one second a day” video where she takes a video for one second each day and then an app puts the year together! How cool?! I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with K’s blog after she turns a year, but if I remember to do it – I think it would be a fun thing to try out for Year 2! 

GIMMIE DAT PHONE!!! And check out the “headband” hair. πŸ˜‚

Annnnddd those are all the photos I have from today. The heat got to my brain. (I didn’t even take the last one. It’s from Becki. I slacked today for sure).

Today, I made our first “we have a little girl, not a baby anymore” purchase. A car seat. A real, big girl, car seat. πŸ˜ͺ K isn’t quite ready for it yet; but, mamas – Babies R Us has 25% off all car seats until 10/1!!! It saved me $92…so go get one if you need it any time soon! (Code SAFETY25 if you order online. They’ll give you a coupon in store!) 

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