Day 36: Kensie’s First Thanksgiving! 

SO much to be thankful for! My moms family lives in Wisconsin so we are used to having a pretty small Thanksgiving with just our family or neighbors and rarely get to spend the holidays together. This year we got to spend it with my aunt, uncle, Grandpa AND a few friends! It was such a fun day and we loved hosting Kensie’s first Thanksgiving! So thankful for our family, health and friends. We have some truly amazing people in our lives. 

Turkey twice the size of Kensie!

Giggles with Grandma!
And the battle to hold Kensie continued…

Potato mashing got real intense…
Pumped some Turkey milk for Kensie!
Thanksgiving Selfie!
Kensie ate with us, too!

Thankful to be a family of 3!!!

Nighttime snuggles with daddy as we watched the Disney Christmas Concert before bed!

Kensie gave us one extra thing to be thankful for last night…the turkey must have done her in too because she slept from 10:30-4a, ate for 10 minutes and went back to sleep until 7:30! Woohoo!!

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