Day 35: GREAT day! 

As the title of this blog post states – Kensie had a “great” day…because she got to meet her GREAT FAMILY! 

My Gramps and Aunt and Uncle came in from Wisconsin today to spend Thanksgiving with us and meet Kensington. 

Kensie and her Great Gramps!

Kensie and Aunt Kris

Apparently she’s supposed to be called a “Grand Aunt” but we think that sounds stupid, so we are going with Great Aunt. 😉 

And of course Grandma is here, too!

It was such a great evening getting to spend time with family that we only see once or twice a year. It was also entertaining watching Gramps and Aunt Kris fight over holding Kensie and timing each other on how long they got to hold her before they had to trade off. LOL!

My dad caught the perfect candid shot of what was actually happening all night between these 2.

I hope Gramps doesn’t read these blog posts, because if so he may get mad at me for sharing this; but, I caught him crying as he held Kensie for the first time tonight (his first great grand baby!). It was the sweetest moment. 

So much love!
We’re looking forward to Kensie’s first Thanksgiving and spending the weekend all together! So grateful for such a loving, fun family and that we get to spend some of the Holidays with each other. 

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