Day 34: Kensie’s Body Guard

Kensie has been going through a “I’m only happy if you hold me” phase the last 2 days. We have family coming into town this week and we are hosting Thanksgiving so I had to finish staining our table and was attempting to clean the house and get errands done.

After making a trip to the mamaroo every 30 seconds for 5 minutes I resorted to trying to put Kensie in the ergobaby and wearing her while I cleaned the house. As I was cleaning, Jack was following me around EVERYWHERE. 

Kensie finally fell asleep, then woke back up and was over being in the carrier. I put her back in her swing, and Jack stopped following me. I realized he was following me because I was carrying K! 

Jack the Protector

This is from another day…Jack always lays by her when she’s in her Mamaroo! Every time she cries, he runs to her. He sure does love his Kensie!

Can’t leave her side.

We had to run a few unexpected errands today and fussy little Kensie ended up wearing a shirt and slippers to the store…momming at its finest right there. 

At least she isn’t crying…

So, remember the other day when I mentioned that grocery shopping with a newborn would be a no go? Well yeah. I decided to test that today. The verdict…

Kensie you’re kinda taking up all the space…

Still a no go.

While today was one of the more challenging days and I was admittedly getting frustrated when she wouldn’t stop fussing while I was trying to get a million things done – it also made me stop and think. She won’t be this little for long and one day (that will come all too soon) she won’t want me to hold her every second, or even at all. I know they say we can learn a lot from kids but I didn’t realize how quickly she’d teach me. She gave me a good lesson in “stopping to smell the roses” today and I’m very thankful for that! 

This was 3 weeks ago! My little love is growing way too quickly!

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