Day 33: WOD with Mom!

Today was mommy’s first day back at the gym, so Kensie came along of course! She must have remembered the music and sound of barbells from being in my belly because nothing phased her. I brought her swing in case, but she slept in her car seat the while I worked out!

She wore her “Born to WOD” onsie but she wouldn’t let us get it in the photo!
Mom WODs and Kensie naps, win/win!

This afternoon I had to finish staining our farm table to get it ready for Thanksgiving! Kensie was a trooper and relaxed in her chair while I got it done. 

Supervisor Kensington on duty!


And After!

Kensie had another one of her “I’m going to fight any and all sleep” days so she’s currently way overtired – but for now she’s sleeping in daddy’s arms! 

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