Day 32: One Month Old!

This sweet girl is already a month old!
Kensie loves bath time, snuggles and looking around at EVERYTHING. She likes car rides as long as the car is moving and isn’t phased by her puppy dogs licking her head. 

My sweet snuggle bug.

Kensie can hold her upper body up all on her own and smiles when she gets kisses. She sleeps 4-5 hours at a time and loves to sit in her mamaroo and her boppy!

She’s officially too long for her newborn clothes but still a little small for 3 month clothes. Kensie is growing so quickly and more of her bows are starting to fit her tiny little head! 

She makes the silliest faces and holds completely still and concentrates every time she has to poop. Haha! She sticks her tongue out a lot and loves having her hands by her face. Mommy thinks she’s going to be a lefty because she points and tries to put her pacifier back in her mouth with her left hand. 

This is her “concentration” face.
…and there’s the tongue

Kensie is really good at fighting falling asleep when there’s exciting things going on around her! She’s extremely alert and always wants to watch the action. She’s also the queen of getting her arms out of her swaddle. 

I truly can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by! I am so thankful to have this little girl in my life and I’m loving watching her grow and change every day. 

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