Day 31: GOES-R

We had the coolest opportunity today to go see a rocket launch! There was a one hour window for the launch to happen or they’d have to reschedule for tomorrow. We had a busy morning driving out to check in for the launch and then heading back a few hours later to board the shuttle. 

The window for the launch was 5:42-6:42pm. K fought her sleep HARD and stayed awake just long enough to see the launch! While Kensie didn’t really nap today, she was a trooper and we figured out a solid plan of pumping in the car that kept her on her eating “schedule”. 

All the girls!
She wasn’t sure what to think of her ear muffs…
K’s favorite position
GOES-R launch!
Uncle Rob wanted to try the muffs out, too.

After the launch, we went to our favorite restaurant, The Garlic, for dinner! All the excitement finally wore Kensie out and she slept the whole time. Guess we will have to go back soon since she missed out. πŸ˜‰
Kensie’s crew!

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