Day 97

KB had another great day. I’m officially going with this being the new norm – and I am a fan!

Also, Kensie always knows when I take my phone out now and stares at it which makes it extremely hard to take photos or videos. She will chat up a storm, laugh, smile…I put up my phone and she stops and stares at it. πŸ™„ Such a ham. 

We went to visit Annie and baby Addison today! It was the first time Kensie didn’t seem “small” to me anymore. I’m obviously aware that Kensie has grown, but this is the first friend of mine that had a baby after me so Kens is officially “older” than someone. Holding this little 6lb sweetheart made Kensie seems huge and heavy at her whopping 13 pounds! 

Kensie and Addison – Baby friends are the sweetest!

It was so crazy to watch Annie with Addison (she’s 3 weeks old) because it wasn’t that long ago that it was me with Kens – yet it feels like forever ago and I barely remember those days! 

This afternoon Kensie was great at the gym again. She LOVES when people drop barbells and loves the music on. Rob was working out in front of her and she would stare at him every time he picked it up and was “talking” to him the entire workout. Haha!! (I had to take a short video because it stopped the music they were working out to…whoops). 

She sat in her chair for the most part and around 5 she started to cry because it was time to eat. My friend Amanda was so sweet and stayed after class to feed her so I could workout!

Kens isn’t too sure about this photo op!

I am beyond thankful for the absolutely amazing friends we have in our lives. There is always someone willing to help out no matter what we need and I feel more blessed every single day. We are so lucky to have so much help and Kensington is so lucky to grow up around so many people that love and care about her!

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