Day 96: The Scoot

Someone stole my baby…

And replaced her with an angel. 

KB was wonderful today, once again! Lots of naps, no meltdowns and tons of smiles. 

How could you not love waking up to this face!
Chris is out of town so I was worried about getting a workout in today. I coach 4p and usually workout at 5p. While I workout, Chris usually gives her her bottle or at least keeps her happy so I can workout without worrying about her. 

By some act of God, she sat there the whole hour, happily, just watching everyone! It was a lot of lifting so I think she just liked the sound of barbells constantly dropping (I’ve corrupted her) but either way, I’ll take it. 

Front row seat.

I’ve also discovered that she loves the pineapple hairdo. (Photo below). At the gym last week, K was staring at Emily and Sam’s hair when they talked to her. Tonight as I was getting her ready for her bath, she was staring up at my hair and smiling really big. Apparently it’s entertaining…

Easily entertained. (Thankfully)
Exhibit A. The pineapple.
Kensie has also mastered the scoot today. Earlier today she was in the middle of her play mat.  I made lunch quick and went back over to her and only her legs were on it. Then, tonight when I put her in her boppy in her crib (she likes to sleep propped up), I went and let the dogs out, came back and heard her chatting and she was on the complete other side of her crib – a foot away from her boppy. Haha!!! She’s got the reverse army crawl down. I am in so. much. trouble. 

I took it out of her crib seeing if she’d just put herself to sleep laying flat and as I type this she’s in there laughing and talking to herself with her legs up in the air. So, yeah. Looking promising. 

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