Day 94&95

This weekend went by way too quickly! I’m praying Kensie has grown out of her screaming phase because she has been so good the last few days! 

Saturday morning I went to workout and she slept in her swing. When she fell asleep, her pacifier was in her mouth and the blanket was only covering her legs. I finished the workout and walked over to find this…

Ummm Kens, there’s a giraffe on your head.

When we got home, she played for a little bit then started to fuss, so I put her in her favorite chair of the week and fell asleep while I took a shower. It’s my new magic trick.
I shower. She sleeps. Win win.
We had a pretty relaxing weekend and Kensie was all smiles, talks and giggles. She played and she napped and it made my life a whole lot easier!

Sunday morning we went to the grocery store to grab a few things before church and I got to share the discovery of the Binxy Baby with another mom who was amazed by it. I’m starting a movement. All moms need to own one of these things. I wish I invented it. (Also, Binxy Baby, if you’re reading this you’re welcome. I take cash, checks, PayPal or Venmo.)

This is her “I’m looking at everything” face.

We went to church after and K loved the music. She stayed wide awake for it and then dosed off while a few babies were baptized and during the sermon. My arm was sore and sweaty but it was worth it for a quiet, cuddly baby! 

Annnnd we’re out!

When we got home, Kensie took a 3 HOUR NAP!!!!!! I don’t know how that happened but I was so grateful! I got a ton of work done. When she woke up, it was time for Packers game and we had to deck her out in her game day gear from Aunt Kris! 

Those are GB converse in case you’re wondering.
Better luck next time, Pack!
My mom is from Wisconsin and her whole family still lives there so they’ve officially recruited Kensie as a fan. 

Also, I spoke too soon in her 3 month post. I went to put some PJs on her Friday night and they were too small. I washed the next size up and officially packed the small ones and put them away. This little sprout is growing way too quickly!!!

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