Day 93: 3 months old!

Somewhere along the line I messed up the day count. Any how – Where does the time go!? My Kensie Brooke is 3 months old today!!! 

According to my scale and she’s 13lb 2oz! She’s still in her 3 month clothing but I’m not thinking for much longer. K loves her milk. 

I think her social smile is my absolute favorite! She’s just started to giggle here and there which is fun as well! K talks more and more every day. I think we are going to have a serious chatter box on our hands!

She loves laying on her play mat, kicking her feet around, grabbing things, and she love, love, LOVES kisses. It’s the secret to making her laugh or putting her to sleep. 

The vacuum noise is played at least once a day to keep her from fussing in the car or to help he doze off when she’s sleepy and fights her naps. 

Kensie likes her vibrating chair from her pack and play best right now and she’ll sit in it with her pacifier in the bathroom while I shower or get ready and it always puts her to sleep! We put her in Harper’s jumper real quick today just to see what she’d do. Her feet didn’t touch but she LOVED it! Looks like we will be getting ours out of the box soon. 

Just hanging out!


Aside from toys, she likes to watch Baby Einstein in 15-20 minute increments unless she’s in your lap…then she will sit there forever! 

KB knows who mom and dad are and loves to sit it my lap or have daddy carry her like she’s sitting in a chair. 

She’s changed so much in these 3 short months and I’ve learned a lot, too! I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this mom thing and I’m getting much better at “going with the flow.” I like to plan things out and complete things on a schedule and that has been a tough adjustment for me. What works one day may not work the next day; so getting used to just figuring it out day-by-day and planning errands around feedings and her attitude was a huge learning curve. It’s finally starting to feel more effortless and it’s our new “normal”. 

I can’t remember life before her and can’t imagine life without her! Happy quarter of a year Kensington! It’s so much fun watching you grow!

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