Day 77: 2 in a row!

2 days in a row with no screaming. Is this real life?!?

While she was a happy baby today again, she would. not. sleep! She kept dozing off then would fight off her nap and never slept for more than 10 minutes at a time. 

I’d rather that then the screaming – but this nugget wouldn’t let me set her down! 

See below…

I finally got our Christmas decorations put away and finished my coffee by 7pm – but that was only because Michelle got back in town and held Kens for a little while I did it. 

Kensie had a sweet visitor today, too! She had so much fun watching baby James wiggle around. K showed him “Ellie” and they posed for a photo op. 

Now that K is starting to see things and want to play more, she loves her activity mat!

My arm may be stupid sore from holding this chunk all day, but no blowouts and no screaming? I’ll take it! 

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