Day 88: Giggly Girl

On Thursdays I coach in the mornings so K rocks her PJs to the gym! She was sleepy today and as much as I wanted to go back to bed with her, duty calls. Kensie was fussy (because she was tired and miss FOMO won’t just go to sleep) while I warmed the class up so I picked her up and she passed right out. 

…and then I set her back down so my arm didn’t fall off.

Bubble mouth

When we got home I went to feed her and she stopped eating after about a minute  and started WAILING. It was then I realized I forgot to give her the Zantac this morning. Holy. Cow. She surely reminded me. Mom fail. 

After that ended, Kensie was back to being my happy girl! Her days are becoming a little more predictable and it’s getting easier for me to figure out why she’s crying and fix it before it escalates. 

This afternoon I wore her in the ergo baby while I coached at 4 and she LOVED it. She stayed awake the whole time and just watched everyone. She even started chatting while I was coaching mobility. Kensie will be ready to take over in no time. πŸ˜‰

This is her “very serious talking to you” face.

After I worked out, KB was super giggly and I managed to get a little of it on video! This girl lovvvveeeessss kisses!


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