Day 86: Daddy Daycare

My phone freaked out trying to post this last night so we are going to attempt again tonight and have a double post… Kensie Brooke had a pretty good day! I had a doctor appointment this morning so K was watching baby Einstein while I got ready but she was over that in about 15 minutes so I laid her on her mat to play. She’s been so great on it! She loves holding the whale and kicking the crab. Today I guess it just wore her right out!

Play time…or nap time.

After that cuteness we had a slight meltdown this afternoon. And by slight I mean FULL. BLOWN. I took videos โ€‹so that we could all enjoy this moment together. ๐Ÿ™„โ€‹
And then the magic happens…

Tonight Chris took Kens home from the gym for me while I got to have a night out with one of my best friends! For my birthday, Casey got us passes for a paint party at a local pub. It was so nice to spend time together without the babies; but, I’m not quite at the point where I can completely relax knowing K is home struggling to fall asleep and pitching a fit for someone else. Daddy was a champion though and I came home to a sweet sleeping girl and an exhausted husband! 

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