Day 87: Smiles and Stinks! 

KB was the HAPPIEST baby today. Seriously. It was like a dream. And just on time because for some reason I was beyond exhausted all day long. She’s been fussing on car rides lately and today she didn’t fuss once in the car!! She looked around and kept putting her own pacifier back in and would put herself to sleep. 

We went to the chiropractor this morning and she’s been tootin all day since! 

Speaking of that…I was told that a baby’s poop doesn’t start to stink until they have food. Well, Kensie is 100% breastfed and this child has some stinky farts and you can most DEFINITELY smell it when she poops. (Also, she’s going to kill me when she’s 16 and reads this post. Sorry girlfriend, it’s the truth!)

Her cuteness overrides the stink.

Also, I thought I’d share her sumo pose with everyone. 

How my child sleeps…
Kens did get a little fussy tonight right before bed as she fought off sleep but she just wanted to be held. I was talking to my mom earlier tonight and telling her how lately, Kensie will get bored sitting somewhere and wants to be held and that when she’s overtired, she really just wants to be held by me. I was wondering if it’s a phase or if it’s from me holding her too much and was getting a little worried because it’s really hard for other people to watch her at night; she rarely goes to sleep for them and if she does, poor thing screams first. My mom told me “you really can’t spoil a baby. They just want to be held sometimes and that will be gone all too soon.” 

While it can get draining and overwhelming at times, I am so thankful that I am a comfort for Kensie and she trusts me to make things better. I love that I can pick her up and it stops her crying. I love that when she’s dozing off, that giving her kisses or staring at her daddy is what relaxes her enough to just fall asleep. I’ll take a sore arm and sore back and time out of any day if that’s what she needs right now; because, the reality is one day she won’t need me like that anymore and no matter how soon or late that day comes – I can guarantee I’ll never be ready for it. 

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