Day 85: Binxy Baby

Kensington was a little sweetheart today! She sat in her mamaroo for a bit this morning and then just wanted to hang out so she watched Baby Einsteins in my lap while I worked and eventually took a nap!

You do you, KB.

After she woke up we played some and Kensie discovered her legs on her play mat. 

I had to run some errands today but as I was getting ready the little nugget passed out in her chair. I got a few things done while she napped and when I went to check on her I discovered she was no longer sleeping. 

That vacuum noise…always.
Her faces kill me. 😂 she was just sitting there like that. Not moving.

I got to use my new Binxy Baby today!!! It was AMAZING. This is the baby hammock I posted about last week. It holds the car seat or I can take her out and set her in it. I was able to take her and still have room in the cart! Brilliant. Easily one of the most useful Baby gadgets I own. 
So much room for activities!
Mission accomplished.

I didn’t take a photo, but this afternoon Sam and Will helped take care of Kens while I worked out. I am so thankful for such great friends that help so much!! I would only get in 1-2 workouts a week if it wasn’t for the Chris and the other awesome people that always help with K at the gym! She did lose her shit today, but of course Baby Whisperer Will was able to get her to calm down. He was also outside with her so I didn’t know – otherwise I would have stopped the WOD because it distracts me and I feel bad when other people have to deal with it! She got her Zantac earlier than usual this morning and was napping while I coached which is usually when she’s taking her bottle with her afternoon meds – so I’m thinking that may have been why she lost it. 

Tonight was BACHELOR night! Of course miss FOMO stayed awake the whole time. You know, can’t miss out! Other than fighting sleep she did great at girls night. As soon as we got home I put her in her crib and she was out like a light. 👏🏼

Girl, bye.

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