Day 83 & 84: Wodapalooza 

We spent this weekend in Miami at Wodapalooza! Kensie had a super cute Goat outfit on (a Goat is the mascot for our gym, CrossFit East Orange. It stands for Greatest Of All Time), but she had an explosion at lunch and had to change. The best part was the BBQ place we were eating at had no changing tables and a really small bathroom, so I had to change her on the bench of a picnic table in the restaurant. Classy. 

Poop. Poop everywhere.

It was a fun day out at Wodapalooza cheering on Megan and watching the Elite athletes compete. 

We made Flat Michelle so she could still be there. 😂

Kensie was so good this weekend and loved looking at all the people and lights. I wore her in the ergo baby most of the time which helped her relax a little and not get too overwhelmed. We took her our a few times when she got antsy and so my back got a break! She’s only about 11lb but it feels like 30 after standing and walking with it strapped to you for hours! 

Just hanging with Uncle Will!

Waiting on the Elite teams to come out!

And the baby whisperer is at it again! Too bad this photo doesn’t show how loud it was. This girl can sleep through anything!

The best part of this weekend is that Kensie started laughing!!! I was giving her kisses and she was making a funny face so I was laughing and she started cracking up!! It’s the most adorable thing ever. She even did it again when I went to show Chris! But…of course when we try to video it she stops. Such a ham. I’m determined to get it on camera this week!!!

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