Day 82&83: Chatter Box

Kensie babe has been a happy little chatter box the last 2 days! 

Always has to be part of the action.

We had lunch with Aunt Ashley, ran errands and did some shopping in the afternoon. 

Today we headed to Miami to go to Wodapalooza! Kensie was insanely good! She slept all morning while I packed and got ready and slept the whole way there. 

She loves it, can’t you tell? 😂

Future Wodapalooza competitor!

She dozed off in her carrier a few times but kept waking up to be part of the action. Somehow Will got her to sleep!! 

First time she’s ever stayed asleep in this position. Good job Uncle Will! #babywhisperer

Overall she’s been an awesome baby the last 2 days. So happy and chatty…and we have a ROLLER!

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