Day 82: 12 Weeks!

I can’t believe this little nugget is 12 weeks old today! Time is flying by. 

Kensie made up for her insane crankiness and multiple meltdowns yesterday by being sweet, happy and chatty today! 

This was me trying to convince Kensie to go back to sleep this morning. She kept talking and wiggling but eventually she agreed.

She played Rollie pollie while I got ready!

She gets stuck on her side…lol

We went to Kensie’s Chiro appointment and then ran some errands! My 2.5 month old has her own iPad. Yep. And it’s sole purpose is to play the vacuum app when Kensie starts to fight off her naps. Works like a charm.


This afternoon Kensie was so good at the gym! She started to fuss a little as I was coaching so I picked her up and she passed out immediately. Then while I was working out, she hung out with Daddy and Aunt Char and was happy as can be just watching everyone! 

That tongue. 😂

Hanging with Aunt Char!

Thanks for holding my high maintenance booty and letting me move around to see everything, daddy!

I’m learning her little quirks and tricks and I have noticed when I set her down she (usually) immediately fusses; however, if I walk away she gets quiet and will sit by herself just fine! If she sees or hears me (or if daddy goes up to her) she starts crying to be picked up again. I’m on to you, KB! Smart little cookie…This doesn’t apply when she’s having a meltdown, just when she’s “bored” at the gym sitting in her chair alone – wide awake! 

Speaking of wide awake, Kensie didn’t want to go to bed tonight. She loves to snuggle so I tried laying with her and singing her lullabies and she just kept talking the whole time – haha!! Along with the vacuum, she likes the sound of the shower. I needed to take a shower so I pulled her chair into the bathroom next to the shower door and turned it on to vibrate. If her pacifier fell out I’d reach out and stick it back in. She was passed out before I even finished washing my hair. BOOM! 

Kensie has discovered how to blow spit bubbles and she practices hourly…

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