Day 81: Mama’s girl 

Well, today started off promising. Kensie gave me the amazing birthday gift of sleeping 14 hours last night only waking up twice for 10 minutes to eat!!

Doesn’t she look so innocent?

We met daddy for lunch and K was great until the very end. Chris got the check and I took Kensie to the bathroom to change her diaper and she went bananas. Out of no where, full fledged screaming when I laid her down. 🙄

That pretty much continued the rest of the day. She was so sleepy and fought it allll afternoon. K would only relax and doze off if I was holding her. 

Pot belly life.

I don’t know what her deal was. I love snuggling with her and that she’s relaxed when I hold her…but damn I need 5 seconds to do things like coach, workout and pee. 

Aunt Ashley watched her for us tonight while Chris took me to dinner for my birthday! 

Birthday Sushi!!!

Luckily she was great for her! They chatted and watched TV and K stayed awake the whole time (but no crying)! As soon as we got home and I took her out of her car seat she fell asleep in my arms and went right into her crib. Phew. She wore me OUT today! I love holding that sweet girl but I sure hope today was just a phase of fussiness! 

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