Day 79 & 80: Abort Mission 

Yep. I’m posting 2 days combined again…because, life. 

Yesterday K was pretty fussy all day – but she did giggle for the first time!!! It was adorable. We missed getting it on video, but this is what Uncle Will kept doing that she found hilarious!

After church I had some work to get done and ALL the babies wanted attention. Kensie needed me to keep the pacifier in her mouth and the dogs felt the need to be involved as well. 

So needy
I got a little work done and then Kensie went into super high maintenance mode and just wanted to be held. She kept falling asleep but if I set her down she’d wake up and start crying. Actually every time she woke up in general she started crying. I was wondering if she was getting sick because she had a few coughs and a stuffy nose, but she seems okay today. 

Mistake: holding her in my right arm. Not easy to type with my left…

I called my friend Casey last night and asked her some questions about baby Zantac. Her daughter was on it so I was looking for some feedback on how she knew if it was working. Ultimately, I decided to stop giving her the medicine last night. Holllly mistake. 

My little Kensington was NOT having it today. Lost her shit. More than once. Needless to say she’s back on it. 

And then she’s super cute so I can’t ever be mad at her…

We did have a special visit from Auntie Keelin! I was a slacker and didn’t get a photo of them, but other than a breakdown right before she left, K was pretty good and slept through lunch! (Thankfully)

Kensie went to the chiropractor again today! I have noticed such a difference in Ks comfort level the past 2 weeks. She doesn’t struggle to go to the bathroom or pass gas and hasn’t taken Mylicon at all the last few days!! Progress!

Also, I FINALLY took a video of the burping technique. My phone is awesome and always runs out of storage, so it cut off before her burp – but I promise it worked. (Right, Emily? Thanks for videoing for us!)

Today was one of those days I just had to take a deep breath, relax and tell myself “it’s ok. She’s a baby. She’s going to cry and sometimes I won’t be able to fix it. We’re all gonna be alright.” 

Worth it 💕

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