Day 77&78: Bye Aunt Shell!

It’s been a crazy past 2 days but the good news is we have one super happy baby girl lately!!! My app has been freezing so these posts are slightly late. Better late than never?

On Friday we had a girls day with Aunt Shell and got some pampering! Kensie chatted the entire time we got pedicures until she fell asleep. She kept everyone entertained and I was thankful she wasn’t crying! 

We are going to have a serious chatterbox on our hands in a few months!

Then we had a lunch date with Brittney! Kensie loved girl chatting and wanted to sit at the table with us the whole time. (That’s my nice way of saying she wouldn’t nap or stay in her stroller). 

Friday night we had a surprise going away dinner for Aunt Shell since she leaves this weekend for deployment. Kensie’s grandma, B and Papa John came down to watch her while we went out!

Thanks for taking care of our little girl so we could have a night out!

She gave them quite the challenge and cried before bed, but with the vacuum app and her wubanub, they put her in her crib and she stopped crying and put herself to sleep! 

Aunt Shell’s going away dinner!

Yesterday morning Kensie was the best baby EVER and took a 90 minute nap with me after the gym!!

Michelle’s going away WOD!

Yeah…she didn’t quite make it out of her PJs that early. 😉

Sweet snuggle bug loves sleeping in the big bed!

Kensie’s growing so fast. She seems like a whole new baby this week than she was last week. She loves to give huge smiles and looks at you when you chat with her! She’s grabbing things and playing and loves to be part of the action. I am loving watching her change and grow and see her sweet personality start to come out!

Big girl out her paci in her mouth by herself!

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