Day 76: Scream-Free

Y’all. We made it all day with no tears. THANK YA SWEET BABY JESUS! Anytime she fussed, I made it a priority to solve her issue before it got worse. I was the cry baby intercepting QUEEN today. That meant walking the dogs twice and eating lunch with one hand. WORTH IT!

Mom – 1. KB – 0

When the guys were watching Football on TV this past weekend I noticed Kensie kept staring at it. She’s now at the age she can make out shapes and see colors (or so I’m told). I put her in her mamaroo this morning, you know, the one I had to wash since she pooped in it yesterday…and after a few minutes she started fussing for attention. I was starving and remembered her looking at the TV. I moved her mamaroo over, turned on Veggietales and BAM! Silent baby. 15 minutes later she was napping. 

Mom – 2. KB – 0

[For the mom police out there: Don’t tell me not to use the TV as a babysitter and that it was a “bad mom” move. If you feel that strongly about it, come on over for an hour each morning while I pee, eat breakfast, get dressed, attempt to do some laundry and actually get to enjoy a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. I’d greatly appreciate you.]

Later in the morning we headed over to see Dr. Christina again and K got her second adjustment at Revival Chiropractic! She was happy and smiley the entire time.

She loves Dr. Christina!

I have noticed since her adjustments she doesn’t struggle as much to release gas in the mornings! She used to wake up grunting and start fussing/crying because she couldn’t fart. Now it’s a little wiggle and she feels better, haha!

Kensie is very relaxed when she gets adjusted and today she got back in her car seat and went right to sleep – no fussing at all!

Happy little ham!

This afternoon we headed to the gym, which is Kensie’s favorite part of the day because she LOVES attention. She shared lots of smiles with everyone!

When we got home, I straight WON at momming and this girl was bathed, fed and in her crib asleep in less than 90 minutes with no meltdowns!

Mommy’s lap > Mamaroo
I still hadn’t eaten dinner at this point so we will give K the point here. Mom – 2. KB – 1

When I moved her to her crib she started fighting off sleep. When her pacifier fell out she’d wake back up and consider crying. I downloaded her vacuum sound app to the iPad and stuck that baby in the crib with her. 

This was before 8pm. That’s easily 10 points for me. Mom – 12. KB – 1

If I had a case for trophies, I’d add today’s “momming” one right on top. 

OH! I met a momma at Target today with a baby hammock in her cart. SAY WHAT?! I wanted to get in that thing myself. Then I remembered I had a baby so it wouldn’t be totally weird for me to ask her what it was. It holds the car seat OR the baby and leaves room for your things to still fit in the cart. It’s called a Binxy Baby. Genius. You know K has one on the way!!!

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