Day 75: Poop. Poop everywhere. 

Vacation must’ve worn this nugget OUT. She slept until 10am today! 

All about that snuggle life.

Then our morning got really interesting…I never knew one child could poop so much. I left for 20 minutes to go pick up Jack (our dog) and Michelle was watching Kensie. When I got back, she had bathed and changed her because she pooped up her back. One explosive session isn’t much of a shock – but 30 minutes later she had an explosive episode AGAIN. 

At first glance, it’s just one happy Kensie Brooke!
Let me zoom that in for you…

The photo does it no justice. Her mamaroo was covered in poo. We had to take it apart wipe it down for a preliminary clean and then wash it. 

After the 3rd explosion of the day, we gave up on dressing her. The sink was full of stained onsies soaking and we didn’t have interest in adding another. (For the record: Oxi Clean powder works wonders!!! Just fill the sink, toss in a scoop, and let them sit for a few hours. Always gets her stains out!)

Just helping us work today!

She was the best little chill baby at gym this afternoon. She took a quick nap, had a bottle from daddy then watched me workout. 

Power nap!

Aunt Shell took her home after we worked out since we had a late coaches meeting toinight. She said after her bottle K had a rough scream session and completely lost it. I was told to give the Zantac 1-2 weeks before seeing results. As of today it’s been 2 weeks and she’s still having meltdowns so I really don’t think it’s silent reflux. I’m going to talk to her doctor about officially taking her off if it and just hope she grows out of the screaming. If I had to pick my poison, I can suffer through one meltdown a day  if it means she will keep up her awesome sleeping habits!

In the postpartum world,  I’m slowly making progress. My core is still extremely weak compared to what it used to be (obviously). Here’s a snipet of today’s workout. It was all lifting and though it looks like you need strong arm and leg muscles for this – your core is actually the key player here! 

I had to scale the weight to 85, 95 and 105. This is the last set of the last round. 

It doesn’t look like much, but when I first came back I couldn’t stabilize this much weight over my head for one rep without it going into my back to compensate for my weakened core. Slowly but surely!

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