Day 74: Back to Florida

Today we took the long trek back home! Kensie babe was such a great road tripper, once again. She ate. She slept. She pooped. 

Those cheeks!!! Excuse the blur.

I’m basically a pro at pumping in the car now. 

I was starting to worry a little about my supply last week. Since I coach/workout during one of her feedings, I usually pump one side in the morning while she eats off the other so I have a bottle for her in the afternoon. It was always about 3oz or just over, but last week I was barely getting to 2. I’d have to pump a second time later in the day to get enough for her bottle. I was starting to stress about when I’ll be able to start saving milk since we are going on a weekend trip without her in the beginning of March. I also had a few dizzy episodes. One started right after a workout last Tuesday and then I got random ones throughout the day Wednesday as well. I would get really light headed and feel like I was going to pass out. 

I upped my water consumption the last 5 days (staying hydrated is not one of my strengths) and made sure I got enough calories in – and it is definitely showing in my supply. Also I don’t feel like I’m going to faint anymore, so I have that going for me. 

Pumping the last few days as been quick and easy and I have plenty of milk to feed the little chunker. It’s a lot of work and for someone like me who likes to not stop moving until I get EVERYTHING done, and it can get really tough to schedule around feedings, but I am so thankful for the ability to breastfeed.

I mentioned I upped my calories and boy do I wish I could say they were good ones. Haha!  While I do think breast feeding has helped with getting my pre-baby body back, I am starting to see the side effects of enjoying the holiday goodies a little too much. Of course when I mention love handles my sweet friends give me the “shut up, you just had a baby” excuse. While I do appreciate the sympathy – no girl. It’s from the 16lb of sugar I just inhaled. 
I am so ready to get back on track now that vacation is over! I’ve decided to host a free 7-day “New Year Jumpstart” to kick it off. We will officially start this Sunday! If anyone would like to join, I’ll post the guideline and menu here: 

I’ll set the sign up up tomorrow and we will get rolling! 

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