Day 73: Off to a great start for 2017!

They say how you spend the first day of the year is how you’ll spend the rest. Well, if Kensie spends the next 364 being the same awesome baby she was today – I am in!

Slept in until 9a. WIN.

We had an awesome day visiting Soco Falls!

That’s Chris down there…

And he literally scaled the side of the mountain to get back.

We headed to a brewery in the afternoon and they didn’t have a changing table, so I made one out of the chairs. Just add that to my application for “Parent of the Year” award. 

She’s smiling because she pooped up her back and I had to change her whole outfit.

Kensie was great today and I am so thankful! She woke up so happy and stayed that way all day. She only got fussy when she was tired and sure enough the foot method worked AGAIN!

Her hat is sideways but she obviously doesn’t mind! Cheesin’ hard.

One of the girls on the trip with us has a little girl that had really bad gas issues when she was a baby. She showed me a way she used to burp her and Kens LOVED laying there with the pressure on her tummy!

The belly burp.

I know I still haven’t posted the other burping video that I said I would. It’s coming. Promise!

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