Day 72: New Years Eve!


I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the year than by waking up to this sweet girl and that gorgeous view!

Little boo, the Smokey Mountains and a coffee. Perfection.

Today we went on a hike to see a waterfall! It was gorgeous and K loved being in her ergo baby carrier. She had big eyes for a while then she was so cozy she passed right out. 

This morning K had a meltdown/scream fest and it made momma cry too. Daddy had to take over. The day started off promising then went from 0 to 100 in a second. Oye. Once he settled her down she went right to sleep and the rest of the day she was SO good! 

She started crying this afternoon as she fought off a nap, but I laid her down and did the foot thing to her again (That I mentioned in yesterday’s post) and it worked!!! She stopped crying, laid there and looked around and chatted for a while, then passed out! 3/3 times it’s been a success!

She wouldn’t let go of my lip for a solid 5 minutes. But, she was happy…

This evening K got dressed up for NYE dinner in her fancy dress from Gramma!!! She loved sitting in it and chatting and participated in our photos for the most part. πŸ˜‰

Hopefully K will be sleeping by midnight, but we gave her her kiss early! 

FaceTime with Gramma!
Ooookay mom and dad.
Guys, that’s enough.
Seriously. Stop. πŸ˜‚

Ohhh this girl. Such a ham!!

So thankful for all of the amazing memories 2016 has made and looking forward to many more great times with our family and friends in 2017! 

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