Day 71: Bryson City

Today we woke up to the most gorgeous sunrise over the mountains and then Kensie got to explore Bryson City, NC with us! 

Today was just the four of us as we waited for everyone else to come in town. We went into Bryson City for lunch, visited their winery and some of the shops!

That tongue…

We headed Back to the house just before sunset so we didn’t have to drive up the mountain in the dark. 

Smokey Mountain Sunset

K didn’t have a meltdown tonight but she got really fussy a few times as she fought off naps. She is still going through her clingy “mommy needs to hold me every second” phase and it is exhausting. At one point I just had to walk out and close the door. Luckily daddy took over and got her to relax. 

A friend had shared this with us earlier in the day (picture below). When she was crying, I laid her on the bed and tried pressing her foot pressure points to see if it would work. IT DID!

I held my thumb right between the 4&5 and she stopped crying and just laid there. Not sure if it will work every time but it was a nice break for the time being!

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