Day 70: Road Trippin’!

Today we left for our New Years trip to the Smokey Mountains in NC. When we got up this morning KB was so excited!

This happy baby girl was talking alllll morning!

10 weeks old and throwing up the dueces already. ✌🏼️

She has been the best little nugget today. We haven’t had a single car meltdown!! We stopped for lunch and gave her a bottle, stopped for gas and fed her, then made a pit stop at our friends Brian and Ashley’s house in South Carolina for dinner. 

​Kensie started to get fussy as she fought off sleep and Brian thought that was her meltdown. We informed him that was nothing and he said he wanted to try to calm her down. Pretty sure he made it worse. 😂

​As soon as I took her back she stopped (sorry Bri, hahaha) and Aunt Shell and I got her right to sleep! 

Human recliner pose

After we ate she woke up from her power nap and chatted with us for a bit before we got back on the road. 

Loves hanging with the girls!

It was so great to see them and way too quick of a visit. 

On the way back to the highway we passed a Krispy Kreme with the “HOT NOW” sign on. Chris has been telling Michelle about these donuts for WEEKS and it was on our list of things to do before she heads to Afghanistan. 

They were life changing.

And while I have your attention, can we please discuss why the hell this thing exists?!

The snot sucker

Jack ate Ks nose sucker last week and she wakes up with a stuffy nose pretty often. I went to target to buy a new one and this was all I could find. I mean sucking the snot out of her nose with my mouth sounds like a solid option, but I think I’ll pass.

Thank you Amazon Prime for offering a battery powered version…

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