Day 68: K gets adjusted 

After my post a few days ago about Kensie’s meltdowns and not wanting to put her on medication, I had a few moms and friends reach out about pediatric chiropractic. 

A friend of mine from high school specializes in it but unfortunately she lives in Jacksonville. She recommended going to Revival Chiropractic that her best friend recently opened here in Orlando. 

Dr. Christina Cuellar was amazing and came in on her day off to adjust miss Kensington! 

As soon as we got there, Kensie had a meltdown…she waited for me to feed her and settle down, explained everything to me, and got K adjusted. SHE LOVED IT. 

Kens started to fuss and as soon as Dr. Christina worked her way down her back, she immediately relaxed. When she got to her pelvic area K was letting out gas. Like anything, it is not a one time magic fix; but, I can already tell a huge difference in her. 

We went over to Casey’s after to give her her Christmas presents. I walked out of the bathroom to Casey holding K and cracking up…

That WAS my favorite onsie…

I guess that adjustment aligned her colon right up!! HAHA!

Kensie screamed AGAIN shortly after we got there and Casey tried to show me a “calming hold” that worked for Harper when she was colicky. 

Simba? Is that you?

It got her quiet for a second, then she resumed her screaming. At least it entertained us for a few minutes. 

We went to the gym this afternoon and guess what K did for the first time?


I laid it on her belly because she didn’t want it when I tried and I turned around and she scooted it all the way up and got it into her mouth! Now if only she could do that every time. 

Kensie had a bottle at the gym and was SO good while I coached 3 classes! She even slept on the ride home (which never happens – she’s usually crying and wants to eat).

Went to take a photo of her sleeping and she cracked a smile! Such a ham

Since we’ve been home tonight – it’s been a DREAM all because of a burping technique Dr. Christina showed me today!!

A while back I posted I was giving K a pumped bottle at night because she seemed to eat better and would fuss if I breastfed her. Tonight we found a solution!

Kensie will eat off one side then start fussing and I’ll burp her. Sometimes she burps, sometimes she doesn’t. Well when she doesn’t she won’t eat much when I try to finish feeding her. She fusses and won’t latch so I assume she’s done even though I don’t think she’s had enough. 

Tonight she started to do that and I remembered what the doctor showed me, did it, Kensie belched twice and finished eating for 5 more minutes!!!! She dozed right off afterward and has been sleeping ever since. Go figure – getting out a little gas bubble just made my night so much more relaxing!!!

I’ll try to get a video tomorrow to share the method for anyone else it may help!

K loves holding her burp cloths and chewing on her hands.

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