Day 69: Gramma’s here!

Kensie Brooke was such a sleepy girl today. She slept until just after 8 this morning (thank you Jesus) and woke up so happy!

Morning snuggles

My mom came over today to spend time with K and watch her while I got errands done and packed up for our New Years trip! My little brother even took the ornaments off the Christmas tree for me and my mom took the lights down! They’re the absolute BEST. 

Day full of Gramma lovin!

We mailed Aunt Shell’s cases to Afghanistan, went grocery shopping and managed to get our workout in. 

We’re going to miss her so much!

So, of course K was good all day and took lots of naps. She did poop on 2 outfits though. Haha!!

Once we got back home and my mom left – sure enough Kens had a meltdown. She ate dinner and had her bath and was so happy. I thought for sure at that point we’d have 2 days in a row of no screaming. Nope. 

This was a lonnnggg one. I felt so bad because I could hear the bubbles in her tummy. 

I found the one place in the house she was happy with me standing so I waited it out a while before I took my chances on relocating. The one time I walked into the kitchen with her to attempt to eat my dinner, she immediately changed that plan with her screeching. 

She wanted to stare at this specific fan tonight…excuse the mess of our attempt to pack

Once I stood there for a while I thought for sure she was over it. I put her in the mamaroo and she tolerated that for a while as long as I was right there and kept her pacifier in her mouth. 

This is how I ate dinner. And the vacuum was on. 🙄

Just as I was finishing eating she started back up. This time daddy gave it a go. 

If this were a video you’d see his huge rocks back and forth. He’s a human mamaroo.

He did get her to be quiet, but I’m not too sure who really won this battle…

Ummm you were supposed to put Kensie to sleep? 😂

That was the last of her meltdown, though! She stayed wide awake until just after 10. Aunt Shell finally got her to fall asleep and we got everything packed up and in the car ready to go for the morning. The amount of crap needed for such a small human is mind boggling…

We hit the road in 6.5 hours and I’m just now heading to bed; you know, just in time for Kensie to wake up soon to eat. 

…never a dull moment when you live with KB! 

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