Day 66: Mom Wins!

This little Booger was SO happy today. What a relief! I won’t take it for granted or expect a repeat tomorrow but I sure am thankful for it today. 

Chatting up a storm while we got dressed!

I decided not to take her off the Mylicon just yet like the doctor suggested. I will wean her more once we increase her chiro visits but for now, it helps her gas pain so much. This poor girl was miserable without it and her tummy noises made me feel awful. I have brought it down to about every other feeding and she doesn’t take it at all at night when she wakes up to eat. It seems to be working well that way. 

While she didn’t have any meltdowns today, there were 2 close calls where I heard her belly bubbling and she started crying. It was such a sad cry and I could tell she was in pain. I wiggled her legs some work and and put her in the burping position the chiro taught me (dang it I still didn’t video it…it’s coming I promise…) and we avoided meltdowns both times! 

The first one took a little vacuum noise and ceiling fan distraction but she relaxed enough to pass her gas and immediately fell asleep. 

Mom wins!
Note the fan…

Even though she was great today, I reheated my coffee 3 separate times – and as I type this at 10:30p I have yet to finish it.

We did get a craft done, though! Kensie chilled in her chair and chatted and chatted and chatted while we made her footprint ornament. 

Yay for arts and crafts! (I promised the finished version looks better)

When we got home from the gym Carolyn and Emily came home for dinner. While I was in the shower K started crying (because she was tired and as you all know she has a serious case of that FOMO) so Carolyn picked her up, played the vacuum app and rocked her to sleep under the fan! 

Nighty night Kensie Brooke!

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