Day 65: Mommy’s Girl

Well today was much better than yesterday as far as the screaming is concerned. Kensie woke up super happy and took a nap this morning while I did the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD. Most definitely thought I was going to throw up from that workout. I’d like to blame it on “getting back into it” but I’m pretty sure it was just that rough. Haha! 

It wore me AND Kens out and we took a nice long nap after the gym!

I was supposed to be running errands. (And the sheets are in the washer…)
Reindeer to the face.

After we got up, we ran some errands and got our nails done with Aunt Shell and Aunt Casey!

Bow fail. But Kens sure is comfy with Aunt Casey!

Once we got home, I gave her the Zantac about 15 minutes before I was going to feed her. She got super fussy this evening and would only stop crying if I was holding her. She didn’t want to be held by anyone else…which made wrapping presents and getting anything done extremely difficult. Luckily Chris and Michelle were amazing and made dinner for us!

Stage 5 Clinger Alert.
She was fake sleeping. If I tried to set her down or pass her off to someone she would open her eyes and look right at me and cry…

Even though I had a lot of things I needed to get done before our Christmas festivities this weekend (Hence why I am still up and posting this at 1a…) I soaked in the extra snuggle time with my little munchkin. I know it will be all too soon that she wants to be miss independent. 

On a positive note, she only had Mylicon ONE time today! Woohoo! She went all day without it but when she started having her fits tonight I tried to give her some because her discomfort seemed gas related. Hoping to be completely off of it in the few days. Progress!

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