Day 67: Kensie’s first Christmas!

If I’m not mistaken, this was the first Christmas I didn’t wake up in my parents’ house. I missed them today, but it was such a special morning celebrating Kensie’s first Christmas as a family of 3. I know she has no idea what Christmas or Santa or anything is right now, but we pretended she did for our own entertainment. 

Santa brought K a big comfy chair!

K was perfect this morning and hung out in her mamaroo staring and chatting away while mommy and daddy opened their presents! Then she hung out with daddy and watched him play his new Nintendo! She loved watching the screens change. 

This afternoon, Chris’ side of the family came over for lunch and gifts. As soon as his brother got here, K had a meltdown out of nowhere. 😦 

Luckily, Uncle Matt and Aunt Val were able to get her to calm down and take a nap! She’s been on Zantac for 4 days now and I’m not sure if it takes some time to start working or if it just isn’t going to be a solution for her…

Victory for Aunt Val!

She cried pretty hard again a few hours later but as soon ass I held her and sat on the bed she started dosing off. I think this little nugget is just overwhelmed and overtired from her busy weekend. In between the crying she did give some smiles and she chatted in her chair while we were eating! We even caught a family photo with no tears. 

After everyone left, K was passed out in her crib before 7pm! She just woke up to eat as I am typing this…

Current situation

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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