Day 66: ‘Twas the night before Christmas 

How quickly a year went by. Last Christmas when Chris and I were exchanging gifts I remember saying “this could be our last Christmas just us two!” It’s so much fun having Miss Kensie here to make memories with us this year. 

We had a busy day driving up to Jacksonville to see family. Unfortunately K didn’t really nap on the way up so she was pretty cranky today, but she still had fun and got lots of snuggles in! 

Here’s a little peek at the beginning of Kensie’s First Christmas!

Kensie met Aunt Tammy!

They chatted and chatted and chatted! It was the longest conversation K has had yet!

K and her Great Grandma Carol

Gramma was so happy to have her Kensie Brooke visit for Christmas. K in one hand, opening gifts with the other!

Annual Christmas PJ photo! 😂

Grampa family photo bomb

Kensington LOVED her huge “Ellie” from her uncles! Though I have no idea where I’m going to put this thing.

Chatting with Gramma about all her new toys…

While Daddy and Grampa play outside…

…and to all a Goodnight!

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