Day 64: The Screamer

Kensie took her screaming to a whole new level today…she had about 4 breakdown episodes today so that was just fantastic. Thank God for vacuums. 

Thankfully, she was a perfect baby while I coached the 9a class and the 4p class. She slept right through them. 

Just chillen like a good girl!
Andddd we’re out. Morning nap FTW

Of course she went in her PJs because we can’t get our lives together that early anymore… 

When we got back home, she pitched her second fit of the day. It was mid-eating and it seemed like she was in pain. Not sure if it was gas or reflux, but I went ahead and called the doctor. They sent her a prescription for Zantac. 

I’ve mentioned before I hate to put her on medications, but the discomfort and screaming is way worse. A few friends reached out and suggested a chiropractor as well! Apparently adjustments can help with colic or reflux. 

I changed her Mylicon to every other feeding today so I’m not sure if that’s what led to the multiple episodes. We will try the Zantac and weaning from Mylicon a few more days and see how it goes for her. Hopefully we can get in to the Chiro soon, too! I’m willing to try almost anything if it avoids another day like today. 

Anyways, in the few times she was happy today, Kensie was a little chatter box!!! I finally got it on video! (Usually she stops right when I try to record it). 

She screamed a ton when I got home from the gym this evening but after her bath, medicine and dinner she was actually really happy! She stayed wide awake until about 11 but she was just hanging out on the couch, looking around and occasionally talking to us! When we went to bed she put herself to sleep in her crib again, so at least we have that going for us! 

My little ham!

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